Jordan P. Novak
author | illustrator

Mosquitoes Can't Bite Ninjas

Available wherever books are sold, but why not help out my childhood favorite bookstore, Bookshop Santa Cruz!

Mosquitoes can bite all kinds of people--ballerinas, chefs, babies, even you and me. But they can't bite . . . NINJAS! Mosquitoes might be quick, but ninjas are quicker. Mosquitoes might be sneaky, but ninjas are sneakier. And mosquitoes might be hungry, but ninjas are . . . hungrier!

With tons of not-very-stealthy appeal, Jordan P. Novak's debut delivers buzzy, wacky, and hilarious story.

10% of royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to the Against Malaria Foundation.

Royal Fireworks Philosophy Curriculum

Question Mark is less of a textbook and more of a picture book, with mind-opening ideas and activities conveyed through words and images working together. The fifteen chapters fall into three parts, corresponding to the three central philosophical skills we want children to develop: questioning, doubting, and being certain. These are fundamental skills that have inspired great thinkers throughout the history of civilization to build and transform the intellectual world.